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Thank you so much for the report, it is everything I expected and more. After fighting for support for my child for what feels like forever, it is great to see that someone completely impartial, has stated that he needs a lot of what I thought, and said he needs (and more!). I can't thank you enough for your time involved in producing a really hefty, and detailed report. I am sure that this is going to be incredibly useful, and will be our golden ticket to securing the support he needs! Thank you again.

Tara Vowles, Parent 23/2/24

As a lawyer with over a decade of experience in Education law, I have no hesitation in recommending Simon. Simon’s work is simply excellent. He was able to assess a very complex young person with great care, empathy and high standards of professionalism. The resulting report was balanced, thorough and helpful to the young person. His communications with the client were always prompt, compassionate and efficient. During the Tribunal hearing, Simon was robust in his oral evidence, and the Tribunal appeared to be impressed by his depth and breadth of expertise.

Miriam Carrion Benitez, Barrister

Thank you so much for sending such a well worded and positive report. We have appreciated your help throughout this process.

Parent of 13 year old boy 8/11/23

Thank you so much for the report - I've read it all the way through 2 or 3 times now and it makes complete sense, especially seeing the relative disparity between W's strengths and weaknesses. I hope that now I can have a frank discussion with school about whether they will be able to realistically accommodate W's needs or not (as per your recommendations) and if not, I can look at schools that are better set up for children with ADHD - either way, we should be on a path for a happier school experience for W, which was the main aim of the endeavour. Thanks again for all your help and best wishes for the future.

Parent of child with ADHD 20/6/23

I have worked with Simon for numerous years in various educational settings. Simon is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, understanding and thorough. He has a wealth of knowledge, and as a result you learn well from him. The children are at the heart of what he does, and the support I’ve had from him for children in our care has been invaluable.

Lisa Davies - Head Teachrer at Whitehorse Federation

Simon is clearly very experienced in his work with children. The day went brilliantly and our child enjoyed the experience. We received helpful and very complete information in the assessment and I can highly recommend Simon as an excellent choice.

Mr Lawrence, Parent 02/03/23

I contacted simon who has undertaken an assessment for my son. The report produced by Simon was very detailed of my son's needs and it identifies what is needed next to further support my son and to reach his potential. Simon is a very dedicated, committed professional, very experienced which you can see from the extensive report produced and the work gone into it and took his time listening to me and communication was very good and also made my son feel very comfortable too. We are very happy that Simon was able to help us! Thank you

Ms S Farquharson, Parent 02/03/23

Simon was able to undertake an Educational Psychologists report on our son in time for the SENDIST tribunal. Our son has complex diagnosis and needs and Simon was very empathetic with all the different challenges that presented in our case and an excellent listener. He spent a whole day on different assessments. As a result of his report we were able to agree with the Local Authority about the right type of place for our son. To get to this stage has been a huge undertaking for all of our family and we found that we had to go to tribunal to have any sort of dialogue with the LA to try and move the case forward. Making the right decision with reports and the professionals who can help with them is absolutely vital, and we were very glad that Simon was able to help us.

Alex J, Parent

Simon came to undertake an assessment of one of our most vulnerable and challenging pupils with huge attachment issues and uncooperative behaviour. Simon undertook the range of assessments during which he had to alter his approach to keep the child engaged and he was incredibly skilful at doing this whilst also maintaining the child’s self-esteem, confidence and trust. He was clearly very experienced and highly capable. He is a very dedicated and committed professional and it was a pleasure to work with him.

Mrs Pauline Philips, Primary Head Teacher

The social worker and I are over the moon. She said it's the most thorough report she's ever read. I really appreciate all the work gone into it. I just had this feeling that the assessment was needed and it was! Biggest thank you for this. The social worker said your experience shows right throughout the report and absolutely rated you.

Ruth Walker, Parent 10.05.21

We have found Simon’s support and recognition of our child’s needs absolutely invaluable in our campaign to ensure that our child has the best opportunity to maintain his wellbeing and ultimately to reach his potential. We are incredibly grateful for Simon’s understanding, support and expertise. It is clear that he genuinely cares about finding the best way forward for children who need a little extra care, some specialist knowledge, extra guidance or understanding.

Mother of child with Autism

Your advice on implementation of multidisciplinary assessments have been really beneficial, particularly in communication with parents. We appreciate your total commitment to the success of the complex cases meetings.

Teresa Carter & Krishna Banerjee
Consultant Paediatricians, Great Western Hospital, Swindon

Simon produced a very detailed report that captured our child’s needs and difficulties accurately and precisely. The report has been extremely useful to share with other professionals to provide them with a really clear, thorough picture of our child.

Mother of child with Autism

The Cygnet Parenting course offered really useful content covering a wide range of difficulties and needs within the autistic spectrum. The most powerful pieces were the parts that put us in the shoes of the autistic child, for example, the footage visiting a supermarket. This gave us an invaluable insight into what it feels like to be our son and that supported a new level of understanding that has had a significant positive impact on our family’s life.

Mother of child with Autism