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Parents sometimes need help to define and meet their child’s needs. Your child may be unhappy, not fitting in, displaying unusual behaviour or falling behind in school. EDGE Psychology is here to help solve the puzzle by providing Educational Psychology services for parents, children and teachers.

EDGE Psychology will help you tackle challenges such as learning difficulties, social and emotional problems, issues around disability as well as more complex developmental disorders. I work in a variety of ways including observation, interviews and assessments and offer consultation, advice and support that can be used by young people, their parents and their teachers.


Please go to the Assessments page of the site to get a full list of the educational and psychological assessments that I offer. Whatever the difficulty, I will always use a child/young person centred approach that will help them fulfill their potential.

Specialist Autism advice for parents

I offer training session for parents whose child (5-18 years) has been diagnosed with Autism. If you are interested in finding out where and when the next session is running, please get in touch via the contact page.

Transition support

Children sometimes find it problematic when moving from class to class (eg from Key stage 1 to 2 to 3) or when changing schools. Following a parenquestionnaire, I provide transition support via telephone/Skype to help you and your child manage the change.

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